Security When Training Outdoors

Not all of us have the luxury of being able to afford a gym contract, some of us enjoy working out outdoors and some of us might like the fresh air better. Whatever your reason, know that your safety should be something to consider when you decide to work out outdoor.

Whether you are jogging around the block, or doing yoga in the park, placing yourself in public makes you a target and it is important that you make your safety part of your routine.

In the case of an attack, ensure that you have some form of identification on you with a contact number to call in an emergency. This could include your next of kin, medical aid details and allergies.

We know that some of us like the peace and tranquility of exercising alone with music blasting the stress of the week out of your body. However, the less vigilant you are, the more likely that you will become a target. You can still be cut off from your surroundings and thoughts in a group. Try to train with someone next to you or a group of people. You can still pump Footloose through your headphones, but this way, you are less likely to be a victim.

However, when you do work out alone, try to not put your music so loud as to drown out your surroundings. Be aware of who might be following you. With today’s technology, you can share your route with anyone. Try sharing your live location with a friend or partner to ensure that they know where you are and if you take longer than normal to arrive home, they can check up on you to ensure that you are safe.

Also try to change your routine up a bit. You never know who might be watching, or how long they have been observing your routine. By changing your route, you are less likely to be tracked and become a less likely target.

Always ensure that you take your cellphone along with a fully charged battery. In the case of an emergency, nothing is worse than not being able to call for help. On smartphones, you can add emergency contact numbers that are contacted more easily by the press of a button, than having to scroll through your contacts. Set up your emergency list on your mobile and let them know that they will be contacted in case of an incident. Test it beforehand to ensure that it works and that they know what to do once they receive a notification.

We are not suggesting that you rather invest in a gym contract to work out in a safer environment, we urge you to invest in your safety no matter where you decide to shake off some winter fluff. Be vigilant and be aware.

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