About Us

Personal Protection Services

Bridging the divide between law enforcement and standard security companies, Personal Protection Specialists aims to provide tactical security solutions that hold the same, high standards of law enforcement, delivered to your door. Our elite teams are continuously trained in accordance with trending criminal activity, firearm targets and safety, as well as all current rules and regulations. This ensures that our clients receive the most professional, hands-on and reliable response. With multiple security strategies on hand, we are able to create custom solutions to your requirements, be it industrial, commercial or personal. We understand that differing industries require different security and protection solutions. We ensure that by choosing Personal Protection Specialists, you automatically have elite and tactical protection officers as your response officers. A hybrid between law enforcement and a security company, we offer a full turnkey solution to all your security and protection requirements with trained professionals who understand the importance of your safety and the safety of your property. Don’t wait for disaster to strike, contact us today to ensure that you never become a victim.

Why Choose Us


Weekly Tactical Training

We provide weekly tactical training to our elite teams and close protection officers.


Commercial, Industrial & Personal Protection

We cover commercial, industrial and personal protection and tactical response.


All Socio-Economic & Political Climates

Geared to provide our services in all socio-economic and political climates